Autumn Strickling. 19. Oregon. Your a daisy if ya do baby


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So there’s this guy, he has my heart. I have gone to hell and back with him and he’s still in my arms. People think everyday how could they still be together. After going threw so many things, you see this person not as a person, as an individual who your heart has chose. Someone you can’t go a day without seeing. Talking. Kissing. Hugging. The kind of person who your mind can’t picture a day without let alone a few hours. A man who can tackle you with kisses and tickles. A man who isn’t afraid to lay on your chest so you can play with his hair. When you look forward to seeing him smile when he comes home from working all day in the sun and he would rather cuddle instead of anything else. There comes a day in life where you are so comfortable with someone in your life, if they left you would be nothing but a body because your heart would go with them and your mind wouldn’t function right. When you are so in love that nothing else matters and nobody else matters when you stare into his eyes and he tells you you are beautiful. There’s no one else in the world when he tells you; I love you.  I wish everyone knew how that felt because the world would be a better place.

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Koalas are actually really scary


And the rest of the world is just watching